Cooking from the Cabinets: Day 1

(Still working on some formatting for the blog, hence the delay in postings. Day 1 of the challenge actually took place on Saturday, May 17)

So I had planned for both my husband and myself to cook or eat all three meals this week from the cabinets/fridge. However, full disclosure: I wanted pancakes. I had been craving pancakes (no chubby baby in progress for the record) and nothing would satisfy that craving. So, I did let my parents take me out for blueberry pancakes this morning. Sorry. Day 1: partial failure. But there’s nothing like getting back on the horse right?

Dinnertime and the Chubby Hubby is hungry and on his way home. What to do? I scour the freezer for a protein and find the ground turkey breast I bought when it was on sale before I realized that it was ground turkey breast and therefore has zero fat. There’s nothing wrong with this except it’s easy to overcook and dry out and therefore I’ve avoided using it. Tonight’s the night!

I thaw the turkey and scour Pinterest for ideas (seriously, Pinterest. How did I ever live without you? Am I right?) I find inspiration on Laura’s Sweet Spot for Ground Turkey Stroganoff  ( She used ground turkey breast, so I figure this is a good place to start.

I know we have plenty of macaroni, which I can use in place of egg noodles. We always have greek yogurt that I can use in place of sour cream (greek yogurt is a gastric sleeve’s best friend!), and I think we have mushrooms. I look in the crisper drawer for the mushrooms only to find they’re not good anymore. It’s embarrassing how much food we waste because I forget about the stuff I stash in the crisper. I scan the canned goods to see if we have any cream of mushroom soup (I know, I know…processed). I find some Progresso Recipe Starter in Creamy Portabella Mushroom that I bought when it first came out and was on sale and promptly forgot was even in the cabinet. BINGO. This is exactly what I need.

Soup image (STOCK)

MMMMM…canned, processed goodness.

I see a peel-able recipe on the can and looking at it I decide to use that recipe instead of Laura’s (although I’m sure Laura’s is MUCH BETTER and is definitely less processed) because it has MUCH fewer ingredients and looks a lot less complicated for tonight. I peel, slice and saute two garlic cloves in a bit of canola oil while I chop an onion (a white one, as this is what I have) and throw it in with the garlic. When they are cooked super soft I add the ground turkey and brown it. The recipe says to wait and add the Worcestershire sauce once you add the can, but the turkey and the onion and the garlic are JUST.SO.WHITE…no color, carmelization, nothing. I add the Worcestershire to the turkey and it begins to smell pretty good.

Once all the turkey is cooked (this stuff is just so white when you’re used to cooking ground beef or regular ground turkey) I add the canned stuff. It’s gloppy and thinner than I thought it’d be, but it’s fine. I add more Worcestershire sauce because why not. While the soup/sauce/stuff is warming up, I put the macaroni on to boil. Once the noodles get boiling, I take the sauce off the heat and add 3/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt and give it a good stir.

This actually doesn’t look to bad.


About that time, Chubby Hubby comes home. He sniffs and sees what I’m cooking.

“Have you ever made stroganoff before?” he asks.


“Then why are you making it now?”

“Because we had stuff to make it and we needed dinner.”

Chubby Hubby pauses, nods, and grabs a bowl. Apparently, he enjoys it because he eats two bowls. I ask him if he likes it, he nods. I ask if he’d like for me to make it again in the future, he nods (he’s a man of few words 🙂 ). I eat some and while stroganoff is not my favorite thing in the world, I agree it’s pretty good.

So, day 1 of the experiment went pretty well. On to day 2.


Any thoughts or inspirations? What do you all use Ground Turkey BREAST for?

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