The Chubby Couples story is like so many others. We met, we fell in love, and we married. Romantic, no? 🙂

We’ve been married for almost nine years and still enjoy each others company tremendously. This is something I’m pretty proud of.

The Chubby Husband, Nick, is a local truck driver. He enjoys cooking, movies, beer, video games…all things that boys tend to like. I’m not sure how much he will contribute to the site, but if he does you can count on that his posts will be enjoyable.

Nick, and one of the Terracotta Warriors

Nick, and one of the Terracotta Warriors

The Chubby Wife, LibbyDale, is a part-time grad student, part-time receptionist, and full-time wife. She enjoys TV and movies, Broadway shows, cooking, organizing, and doing anything besides school work sometimes. She will probably be the main contributor to the website.

Looking sharp!

Looking sharp!

Callie, the official mascot of the blog. She enjoys peanut butter, taco meat, belly rubs and playing “Hold This While I Pull It” (her personally modified version of Tug of War), of which she is champion of the world.



Zoe, is a recent addition to the Chubby Couple household. She will probably be an unofficial mascot. She enjoys chewing on things she is not supposed to chew on, annoying Callie, and overall being a puppy.

Rotten but sweet puppy, Zoe.

Rotten but sweet puppy, Zoe.



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