When we got married, it was decided that I would be in charge of the finances. This was due to a couple of reasons.

1) I’m a total and complete control freak and wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it.

2) My husband understands that we need things like power, water, and phones; he just isn’t good at remembering when things have to be paid and how much money the companies desire to keep us in good standing.

So, needless to say, I accepted the challenge. At first, as it does with most people, it completely and totally stressed me out. It seemed like all the money coming in went out and none stayed. It just so frustrating and embarrassing when something was cut off, a bill came marked “past due” or those tell-tale “Insufficient funds” envelopes came in the mail. I just didn’t know how to stretch the money!

There was a lot of trial and error when we first got married. I think I have figured out a good system since then and am happy to share any information and tid-bits I have learned to make it easier.

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