Cooking from the Cabinets: Day 7 (Hallelujah!)

Faithful readers, this week has taught me a lot of things.

1) We waste too much food.

2) We eat too little food. A lot of the stuff in my cabinets was/is heavily processed and full of edible ingredients that are not, in fact, food.

3) If planning to undergo such a challenge yourself, I strongly encourage that you make sure you have what you need to complete it. That was part of the challenge when I started was to not reinforce my supplies and just eat what we had. That being said, it has definitely been a challenge. 🙂

So, the final day of the challenge. We ate oatmeal for breakfast, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch (by sandwiches I mean he had an English muffin and I had a wrap since we were out of bread). Nothing we couldn’t handle and nothing we wouldn’t have done on a normal day anyway. I think the knowledge that we were so low on some things was messing with our heads more than the actual food we were eating.

Dinner was another one of our quick, simple, “I’m hungry-and-tired and you’re hungry-and-tired” weeknight meals that we both enjoy. Simplest thing in the world, but very good. Smoked Sausage with Potatoes and Onion. Simply take a smoked sausage and slice it up (I try to do it on the bias just so it’s a little bit prettier, Chubby Hubby just slices it…men 🙂 ) along with some potatoes and an onion.  There are options in regards to both to change the flavor or textures of the dish. We prefer to use Turkey smoked sausage as it’s a bit lighter in calories and is not greasy at all. We also generally use red potatoes because you can get such a nice crust on them when you roast them in a hot cast-iron skillet, and we prefer yellow or Vidalia/sweet onions to white because it’s a mellower flavor.

We just heat our trusty cast-iron skillet in the over before we start the prep at about 400 degrees. This helps make a nice, crisp, crust on all the ingredients (as Chubby Hubby refers to it: crusty goodness).  Then slice all the ingredients, toss them in a little olive or canola oil (we prefer olive in general) and season with salt and pepper, garlic powder, and cumin.


We’ve had it before with just salt and pepper, and it’s fine, nothing wrong with it. Add the cumin and it becomes a party. It’s just so much better with this little bit of extra smoky flavor. When the skillet is heated nicely, (carefully) add the ingredients to the skillet and roast for about 30 to 40 minutes, or until the potatoes get soft.

We generally add an egg to the meal, and I prefer mine either “sunny-side-up” or “over-medium” for this meal. Chubby Hubby hates and detests the idea of a runny yolk, but when it’s all mixed in with the sausage and potatoes of this dish, it makes like this rich, yummy sauce and it just can’t be beat.

So yummy, complete with "crusty goodness"

So yummy, complete with “crusty goodness”.

This is another one of our fallback meals, and it never disappoints.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about this challenge and it has opened your mind to different methods and recipes to try when you get low on groceries. I, on the other hand, and heading to the grocery store! Later guys! 🙂