Two Whole (Rotisserie) Chickens…(and a Coke)

Hello my lovely followers! I haven’t been posting in a while and apparently you missed me! I feel so loved and honored!! So, since it’s November, here’s something you can be thankful for: new posts! šŸ™‚

My friend Susan and I (HI,Ā SUSAN!!) were out the other day and she mentioned that she needed groceries. I told her that we actually had plenty of groceries but needed some meat/protein to actually build meals around. We were at Costco later (HI,Ā COSTCO!!) and I had an idea. Instead of going to the regular grocery store and getting individual packs of meat like normal, I decided to get the Costco package of two chicken fryers and use them for meat for the week.

Everyone loves the convenience of a rotisserie chicken. I try to cook mineĀ in the rotisserie on permanent loan from my parents instead of buying them at the store for two main reasons: one, it’s incredibly easy and two, I can control exactly what goes into them. I did end up buying the regular chicken fryers even though I did STRONGLY consider the organic kind, just to save a bit of money. I ended up getting 11 lbs. of chicken for $12, can’t beat that!

Brought the “chicken baby” home–called it that because I carried these chickens around the store like an infant because I forgot to get a cart– and got them prepped and ready. Easy as pie. For those not familiar:

-Removed the giblets and dried the chicken with paper towels

-I seasoned the skin by rubbing it with butter (olive oil works well too), salt, and pepper

– I inserted some fresh rosemary (one of my absolute favorite herbs) into the cavity along with a lemon in one chicken and an onion in the other (each cut in half or quarters, to make it fit in the cavity)

-I trussed the chicken, which is not hard once you get the hang of it. For those unfamiliar, here is an instructional video on the “proper” way to do it. I don’t always do it this way, the important thing is to tie it so that the chicken isn’t flopping in the rotisserie and the contents don’t fall out.

-Cook the chicken in the rotisserieĀ for about 15 minutes a pound. If you don’t own a rotisserie, no big deal! This is totally transferable to a roasting recipe. Instead, just roast the chicken (on a rack, if you have one) at 425 degrees for about 90 minutes.

Yay! Now I had two rotisseried chickens! (Full disclosure, I had planned to have a picture of them to post because they were so pretty. When I got up the next morning, apparently Chubby Hubby had located the chickens and had helped himself to a leg quarter. Oh well, you guys know how they look anyway, right?)

I let them cool completely overnight wrapped in foil before I broke them down. This is no fun, but is not as bad (in my opinion) as doing it raw. I cut the chicken up, deboned it, and cubed the meat. I saved some of the skin in case I wanted to use if for flavoring later, but I gave most if it to the pups (who enjoyed it). Ā This left me with two big bowls of cooked white and dark meat chicken to use as I saw fit for the week. I did not do it this time, but I try to save the bones when I do this to make stock (which, as Alton Brown says, is for another show).

Tomorrow, I’ll show you what I did with the first portion of this meat!

Happy eatings!